The KDE Free Qt Foundation (fwd)

It looks like ice is breaking. It is definitely not what "we" wish
would happend, but a step in the right direction.

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> Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 13:33:18 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: The KDE Free Qt Foundation
>                        The KDE Free Qt Foundation
>   The  KDE  project and Troll Tech AS, the creators of Qt, are pleased
>   to announce the founding of the 'KDE Free Qt Foundation'.
>   The purpose of this foundation is to guarantee the  availability  of
>   Qt for free software development now and in the future.
>   The  foundation  will  control the rights to the Qt Free Edition and
>   ensure that current and future releases of Qt will be available  for
>   free  software  development at all times. All changes to the Qt Free
>   Edition license will have to be approved by the KDE Free Qt  Founda-
>   tion  which  will consist of two members of Troll Tech AS as well as
>   two members of the KDE project. One of the  representatives  of  the
>   KDE project will have a double vote to be used in case of a tie.
>   Should  Troll Tech ever discontinue the Qt Free Edition for any rea-
>   son including, but not limited to, a buy-out of Troll Tech, a merger
>   or  bankruptcy,  the  latest  version of the Qt Free Edition will be
>   released under the BSD license.
>   Furthermore, should Troll Tech cease continued development of Qt, as
>   assessed  by  a  majority  of  the  KDE  Free Qt Foundation, and not
>   release a new version at least every 12 months, the  Foundation  has
>   the right to release the Qt Free Edition under the BSD License.
>   At  this  point  lawyers are working on the details  of  the  agree-
>   ment.  Troll Tech and the KDE project expect to be able to sign  the
>   necessary documents within a few weeks.
>   We  believe  the  founding  of  the  KDE Free Qt Foundation to be an
>   unprecedented ground-breaking step, ushering in a new era  of  soft-
>   ware development, allowing the KDE project, the free software commu-
>   nity, all free software developers as well  as  commercial  software
>   developers to prosper in a mutually supportive fashion.
>   Bernd Johannes Wuebben         Eirik Eng
>   The KDE Project                Troll Tech CEO
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