Re: Guile Problems

Martin Baulig <baulig@Stud.Informatik.Uni-Trier.DE> writes:

> Well, this worked fine - got the latest guile snapshot, installed it,
> installed slib2c0 in its load path and started compiling gnome-guile:
> guile-compat.c: In function `scm_puts':
> guile-compat.c:60: `scm_regular_string' undeclared (first use this
> function)
> guile-compat.c:60: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> guile-compat.c:60: for each function it appears in.)
> I can't find that in any of the libguile header files.

After installing a new version of libguile you need to reconfigure
gnome-guile so that it can adapt to it.

    rm config.cache; ./configure <your favorite options>

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