At 02:22 AM 4/7/98 -0500, Robert Sinland wrote:

>I'm trying to get the most recent copy of everything from the cvs
>For the most part I have it figured out, but is there any way to get an
>actual list of what is on the server vs just typing in module names and 
>crossing your fingers?  Yes, I have read the cvs man  page etc, and

Try "cvs co -c". This will give you a list of all the current modules in
the cvs.

>  One comment I would like to bring up re: the getting started page.
>Most of the links are to RPM's.  I have nothing against redhat
>whatsoever, but
>I run slakware, and would like to do things via just plain old .tar.gz
>as much as I can.
>Just a thought :)

Um, as a slackware (and now stampede) guy in a world that is increasingly
RH or Debian, I have found the "alien" utility to be a great boon. It will
convert rpm<->deb<->tgz nicely. BTW, would anyone mind if I checked in
stuff to build .slp archives into the CVS? I noticed the .rpm stuff, and
since .slp (Stampede Linux Package) is basically a souped-up (and still
tar-compatible!) tarball with dependencies, it wouldn't take much room. 

M.Watson <>


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