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El 29 May 2001 15:56:24 -0400, Joe Shaw escribió:
> > But now that I looked at it again, I am more strongly inclined to just
> > trash it all and start from scratch. It is such a big pile of mess...
> > Anders Carlsson mailed me once about working on a new About dialog, see
> > the screenshot at It looks
> > very nice, and it can't be any worse than the current GnomeAbout mess:) 
> > Anders, is the source for this new about dialog available?
> > Would the libgnomeui maintainers consider adding it to libgnomeui2?
> The main problem with the new one is the same with the old one: When you
> have a -lot- of contributors, the window is going to get very long and
> look bad. Check out Evolution for a hideous example. The Natuilus one
> gets it mostly right by having two columns, which makes it look a lot
> nicer.

The most important thing about the Nautilus's one is that it changes the
authors, it's a dinamic dialog, so you will have all the dialogs with
the same size and with a ilimit number of authors...

> My only stylistic nit is that the white with the shadow on the striped
> background is somewhat hard to read because the fonts aren't AA.
> Joe
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