[latina] ligatures

_|To me these translated files end up as a certain UTF-8 binary
|representation in a file, and the binary representation for AE is not
|the same as the binary representation for Æ. I'm curious how vicipædia
|does it then because the vicipædia webpage is stored in a certain
|representation and somehow it or the browser (or more likely both)
|figures out how to display either AE or Æ.
The Vicipaedia user UV, who is knowledgeable about these tecnical things, explains how it is done there:

"Technically, this is done via JavaScript. When a user has enabled a certain gadget, this causes one or more JavaScript documents and/or CSS documents to be included in every page that this user views (for a list, see Special:Gadgets). As to the ligatures gadget, the JavaScript script is executed in the user's browser every time a page is loaded, looks for all occurrences of "ae" and "oe" within the page and replaces them with "æ" and "œ", respectively. While this works well for web pages, I do not think that this avenue can be used for the GNOME translation. Greetings, --UV 00:32, 29 Octobris 2008 (UTC)"

So I guess that we need to decide how we want it displayed. I'm OK with converting to ligatures, if you guys want to do it.


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