Re: gnome-keyring SSH agent behaviour

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Stef Walter wrote:
> Sorry bout that. That's not good behavior of gnome-keyring. I don't
> think this is the case any longer under the development series 2.25.x
> and the future GNOME 2.26.x.

Hmm ok...
Well, to bad I'm using a stable GNOME release then.

> In the future could you address requests or bug reports to the gnome
> keyring mailing list:
> gnome-keyring-list gnome org
> Or filing a bugzilla bug would be a good approach too:

Sure, although registering a new bugzilla entry didn't sound like the 
best idea to me. As was curious wether to know it was intended behaviour 
or now.

Anyway, thanks for the answers.


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