Re: Hrm. Now I know why this list is dead

On 21 May 1999, Jonas Luster wrote:

> > Nonsense. SuSE includes GNOME for a long time and clearly says so
> > in their advertising. The top priority in their package compilation
> > are the demands of their customers. The people making big press
> Is that te reason, why Gnome is broken in the newest Release?

No, they tried their best. But GNOME 1.0 was simply to broken. They even
advertized GNOME as beeing a stable product. IMHO this was just plain
wrong from a technical point of view.

> > releases about their boycotting a free software project are seated
> > somewhere else.
> When SuSE started to support KDE ist was _not_ free all in all.

KDE was free since the beginning (I was my fault that KDE chose (L)GPL)

-- martin

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