Re: gnome/kde application?

Yes I was looking for something simple to do, that might make me more familiar
with bothe KDE and GNOME. It is long term idea too as I am very busy right now
and In May I am visiting America and will have no time to program, but the
progress I see in Gnome and KDE is very exciting. For the last couple of weeks,
however I have been banging ´my head against C++. I still want to give it a
chance, but C comes so easily to me. I haven't looked too much at the kde
source code. Is it possible to write or port an application to KDE and still
use some C and not entirely C++? I think I would tackle a "Hello World" program
first and if it went well try something more ambitious. I have a strong desire
to stay out of Holy wars incidentally. It looks to me like both KDE and GNOME
have something good going and a little friendly competion (hopefully with some
cooperation) can't hurt either.

Tom Corner

On 14-Apr-98 Christian Esken wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Apr 1998 Max Watson wrote:
>>At 12:33 AM 4/14/98 +0200, Christian Esken wrote:
>>>You need more than a simple program for a proof-of-concept.
>>>You need a program with menu, toolbar, scrollbars and some
>>>"drawing area" inside.
>>>The kdesdk has an example, khexdit, which might be good for you.
>>>It is 20KB C++, and has everything mentioned above. Just leave
>>>out its fancier things like net transparency and online help for
>>>a start.
>>Why leave those things out? First off, GNOME can do that too. And where it
>>can not,  it should. Besides, if you leave those things out, then the
>>zealots and  around here will only be too happy to point out that KDE does
>>things GNOME can not, rather than seeing it for what it is. A difference of
>>philosophies. The last thing our projects need is more FUD and holy wars.
> Oh, that´s quite cool. :-)
> Is net transparency done like in kfm with a server process? I know, it is
> planned to take ideas out of mc to Gnome. In how far does that work?
> BTW: I thought to leave it out, because he wanted a "simple" program.
> I just wanted to point out, that a "Hello World" does not give any hints
> on portabilty of programs, And I said "leave out [...] for a start".
>>What would really help, IMHO, is a tiny little patch to GNOME (since GTK+
>>is in code freeze) to set the KDE wm hints or whatever mechanism is used on
>>the tear-off windows. I know it is not the same, because my mwm-hints
>>compliant wm treats the two differently (the KDE tear-off gets decorated).
>>This would only be a few lines of code in the right place, since other wm
>>hints are being set at that same time. Actually, I need to implement this
>>in my wm as well. Unless somebody wants to write GLyx. :)
> Ah, the WM hints. Good point. Do you have any docu around, how window
> decorations should behave, dependent on the WM flags (including Motif
> WM hints). Or is this all free to "interpretation" of the WM? I am really not
> happy about the WM decoration thing. For example, x11amp comes around
> undecorated with kwm, which is fine, CorelDraw´s (real strange) toolbar
> gets decorated, though (the last time I looked).
> I am really interested, especially if there is a real hint on telling the WM
> not
> to decorate the WM.  
> Bye,
>   Chris
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