Re: Working together

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998 Julian Regel wrote:
> Although this list seems pretty quiet, and a C/C++ religious war 
>probably won't improve things, the idea of having the two projects 
>working together is excellent! Kudos to the GNOME team for initiating 
>such an effort.
> I am a user. I don't really care about languages, toolkits or 
>licensing issues. I'm looking to get a standard GUI for my Linux 
>desktop. If we want Linux to become a mainstream OS you need to 
>target people like me :-)  At the moment I'm running with KDE which I 
>like very much. It's really impressed my "Windows-based" collegues at 
>work! I haven't tried any GNOME programs yet as it seems to be still 
>early in development (that's not a criticism, just an observation), 
>but probably will in the future.
> This seems to be the perfect place to ask some questions on what the 
>different groups are working on... :-) Hope no-one minds.
>1) Will KDE and GNOME apps be indistiguishable? Will cut and paste 
>work between K apps and G apps (for text, graphics, audio, [files?], 
>how about drag and drop, object linking and embedding?

Drag and drop is problematic. XDND has been developed jointly by
prominent persons from the net: Elliot Lee from RedHat and Arnt
Gulbrandsen from TrollTech were involved. KDE will use XDND in
the future, Gnome will use their own scheme (if I am not  mistaken).

>4) What about application features such as help file formats, menu 
>layout, draggable toolbars, themes, dialog box messages and errors 
>etc etc? Will these work the same way under KDE and GNOME?

HTML is a very decent help file format. KDE uses it. I heread even
M$ thinks about using it in the future.  Does Gnome use HTML, too?


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