Issue 17 (October)

Hi all, it's time to kick off Issue 17 planning.  Jorge Castro had the idea at GUADEC to do an issue focused on Multimedia, which I think is a great idea.

With the delay in getting issue 16, I'm going to push back issue 17 2 weeks, so let's shoot for publishing 10/15, with all articles due for editing and markup on 10/1.

So far we have 4 articles:

* Transmageddon (Transcoding) by Jorge
* Pitivi by Jono Bacon
* Behind the Scenes with Lennart Pottering by Jayson Rowe
* Writing multimedia applications in Vala by Jim Nelson

Anyone else have any ideas for an article they'd like to write?  Add it to the GJ Wiki on or drop an email to the list.



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