RE: Contribution to GNOME Journal

Hi Sriram,


Thank you for your response - and please excuse the small delay.


      > The best way is to probably get on IRC and talk.


In the near future, I will try to do so...


I thought a little bit about what I could write about:

Maybe, I could write some reviews about new or special GNOME software. I had also another idea: I could for example create a survey and do the analysis of it (e.g. what do the users think of the GNOME desktop in general - or maybe the GNOME Journal). As I already pointed out - this is only an idea. What do you think about it? And maybe you could tell me what you thought about (here or on IRC)...


      > Offtopic, how did you find getting the information to contribute?

      > Hard? Easy?  Or did it take effort on your point and if so more than required or what?


Well, I would propose to extend the 'Contribute' page on, because currently, it only says: Look at the wiki page!


I would probably copy the 'Become a writer' section out of the wiki to the 'Contribute' page. This makes the process of getting into the GNOME Journal, in my opinion, a bit easier.


And I would use the wiki for planning the releases and articles of the GNOME Journal and the page for releasing them and informing the readers about their possibilities to contribute to the journal.




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