Re: The annual report imported into the wiki

OK.  I'll work on them tonight.  Thanks! :)


On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 22:47 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi Sri,
> Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> > I'm on vacation this week so I can help with this if anybody wants me to
> > work on anything.
> There are 4 articles in the wiki that need some edits and review - if
> you could look through them and make suggestions (or changes inline)
> that would be a huge help
>  We will need to finalise them this week, so if they're not perfect by
> tomorrow evening EU time, we'll take what we've got.
> The 4 still needing review are:
> - I
> just want to know if people think this is OK as-is, or get suggested edits.
> - this
> is a merge of two articles and I think we can do a bit better with the text.
> - we
> may need some more content - and I'd like to hear from Zana about how
> she feels about this (also, Zana, if you want to write a couple of
> paragraphs of bio, please feel free).
> - this article needs to integrate some information on the founding
> members. More info on GMAE can be found here:
> Thanks!
> Dave.
Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com>

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