Re: An article on tinymail?

I like the article, although Lucas' suggestions have merit.

On the grammar nitpicking front I spotted a couple of things:

The first paragraph of the 'memory savings' section says 'Tinymail
achieves this by being very aggressive with it's memory management' -
'it's' there should be 'its'; the possessive form has no apostrophe (one
of the most common mistakes in English I think).

The second paragraph of that section includes 'the memory for all the
other ones' which I think flows better as 'the memory for all the

'Interfaces' section: why is 'interface-based programming' in quotes? To
me this implies that the author doesn't think it's a real programming
system, or misnamed. I think interface-based designs are common enough
now that we can all accept that it exists.

Third paragraph of the same section 'And it does not matter wat' - I
suspect that last word should be 'what'.

The next paragraph says 'there is a lot of explicit up and downcasting'
which needs a couple of hyphens to make the prefixes work: 'there is a
lot of explicit up- and down-casting'.

'back to the future' begins with 'There has been quite some interest in
the Tinymail-project'. I would suggest 'There has been a lot of interest
in the Tinymail project'. 'quite some interest' is awkward.

And that's it! It all gives a wonderful sense of nice things on the
horizon, and the news that it filters back into memory savings in
Evolution itself will please a lot of people - myself included.

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