August Edition - Tasks

Hi all,

As you all probably know, we have 5 articles for the august edition.
All articles were already received.

1. WSOP (davyd and stargirl)
Status: Ready to be published

2. Glade 3 (tvb)
Status: not uploaded, and needs editing (Volunteers?)

3. Dates (Cwiiis)
Status: not uploaded and waiting the author to make needed changes
(I'm taking care of this)

4. Tinymail (Dirk)
Status: uploaded, needs some final editing (Volunteers?)

5. Behind the Scenes (lucasr)
Status: Ready to be published

We have 6 days before releasing on August 15. We need to hurry! ;-) We
need editors to work on Glade 3 and Tinymail articles.

p eace


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