Re: [gnome-ir] Discussing proposing new persian gnome-l10n coordinator

Hi Afshin,

Thanks for the mail.  Excuse my ignorance, but would you please remind me of
Mahyar's contributions?  In the past ten years that I've been contributing to
GNOME I don't think I ever heard his name.


On 10/22/10 04:14, Afshin Falatooni wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I think we should better propose Mr. Mahyar Moghimi for this post (new
> persian gnome-l10n coordinator)
> He has shown a lot of devoting and interest in the job. and current
> situation could not be reached without his efforts.
> He has gathered us together thesedays. And I hope he will always be so
> much interested and motivated.
> If you agree with this proposing answer to this email here by a yes or
> agree.
> Thanks for your efforts and considerations
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