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Jehan created an issue #497:


This is a follow-up from #495. So basically our CircleCI build used to have a webhook on the Github repository, but after the mirror had been deleted, then reinstated in #495, the webhook is obviously not present anymore and we have a hard time with the CircleCI support getting it back. I am admin on the repo, but they say it's not enough. Apparently they would like an admin of the GNOME organization on Github to do it. I hope you won't mind!

The process is basically the following:

  1. Go to When you will be asked to log, log with your Github account with admin right on GNOME org in Github.
  2. Find the repository gimp-macos-build.
  3. Next to the repo name, there is a button, probably Follow Project. If so, try to click it, then it will become Unfollow Project after a bit, click a second time to unfollow.

Now the button should hopefully become "Set Up Project". If it does, it's probably fine to stop here. I think I can continue from here. If it still shows only "Follow Project":

  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom of the settings page, there is a Stop Building button. Please click it (for me it's grayed out, but hopefully it isn't the case for a GNOME admin).

At this point, the CircleCI project should finally be stopped and I should be able to set it up again from scratch (at least, that's what seems to think the CircleCI support).

Thanks! 🙂

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