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Title: GitLab

Mathieu Bridon commented on a discussion:

The error you provide means this happens with the (extremely) old gnome stable repo, not the old nightly repo.

There were 2 things hosted at

  • a gnome repo with stable apps
  • a gnome-nightly repo with development versions of apps

The former has been decommissioned for years, as everything moved to Flathub. If you were still using it recently then you were using ancient versions of apps, most likely with tons of bugs and security issues which had been long since fixed.

The latter is the one decommissioned recently, and is what is discussed in this ticket.

However, even though the former had been unmaintained and shouldn't have been used for a long time, we had never redirected users to Flathub, because Flatpak didn't have that redirection functionality at the time.

We had also never removed it, which explains why you could continue using it without realizing you shouldn't have.

Now that the gnome-nightly repo is also gone, we removed the whole domain, which is why you're now seeing this failure.

To sum it up, move to Flathub. Something like this (untested, from memory) should do the trick:

  1. enable Flathub:

    $ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
  2. find the list of apps you had installed from the gnome repo:

    $ flatpak list --columns=application,origin | grep -P '\tgnome'
  3. reinstall these apps from Flathub:

    $ flatpak install flathub ${APP_ID} ${APP_ID} …

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