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Jan Pokorný commented:


please, bear with me, I just want solicit some possible help for me and other "insightless" users that are after spending minimal effort with mere running flatpacks and keeping them updated if possible.

Apparently, decommissioning sdk.g.o caused some disruptions to this group of users, see e.g.

I am talking about this:

$ flatpak --user update
Looking for updates…
F: Error updating remote metadata for 'gnome': While fetching [6] Couldn't resolve host name

I prefer to control everything flatpak just user-wide (--user),

I first installed the flatpak of interest years (could be 2+) ago, and since then, I was done keeping it all up-to-date with the above command.

Sure, I could inspect everything in detail an re-learn everything I had a better knowledge of originally, but I thought that you, experts in the area, could perhaps provide me with sequence of commands that would:

  • get rid of of the original tracking of org.gnome.Platform (application ID) from gnome (origin), which apparently points to sdk.g.o now

  • readd the same using the URL that's valid nowadays (which one? how do I get to know easily?), so as to be able to update correctly

Is this all doable using flatpak --user only? It would really save me some hassles, rather than translating the above piece of advice to the actual commands by myself :)

All this information vital for a smooth continuity might deserve a wider dissemination ... i'd even suggest putting this sdk subdomain back merely to display a guidance like that for other surprised users.

Thanks for considering.

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