Infrastructure | New mirror request (#161)

Title: GitLab

ChanakanZ Tech created an issue:

What's the organization sponsoring the mirror you'd like us to include? None

Why are you interested in mirroring GNOME's code? What's the town/city, country, and continent in which the mirror is located? Are you currently mirroring any other major FOSS project already?: I am interested to mirror GNOME's code so that someone else including me can download the code faster. My mirror is located in Thailand. I am mirroring GNU and Savannah Non-GNU projects.

Please include an administrative e-mail which can be used to report problems and procedural changes: chanakan5591 chanakancloud net

Main point of contact name and surname, e-mail (possibly pointing to a request tracker of any sort in case the main contact is not available. Chanakan Mungtin, email: chanakan5591 gmail com

/cc @averi

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