Infrastructure | [Urgent] Registration page in WordPress (#160)

Title: GitLab

Kristi Progri created an issue:

Hi Andrea,

Britt has been working on replacing our OpenEvent registration page for GUADEC 2019 and he needs some help from you. Unfortunately, OpenEvent has continuously been impossible to work with, and with the registration deadline looming, we needed to explore other FOSS options. That's where WordPress and Woocommerce come in to play, as a much more extensible and powerful alternative to the openevent purchasing system. What we need from you is to:

  1. To set up a wordpress instance to house our Woocommerce system. Britt set up an example here to demonstrate that this is a viable option,

  2. Also, since we are dealing with payments, we need to make sure that SSL is up and running wherever this WordPress is hosted.

  3. Lastly, we need to get Britt, Claudio, Tom, Neil, and myself admin accounts to set up the Woocommerce system. Woocommerce has full Stipe payment support, so Neil will have to plug in his information to set that up.

In case of any question please contact Britt directly at bwyazel gnome org, or on Riot. He's waiting for this infrastructure to be set up so he can hopefully get registration open tomorrow evening.

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