Infrastructure for public transportation routing in Maps


As you probably have already seen, following my blog posts on Planet
GNOME, I have been working on an implementation augmenting the routing
support in Maps to include public transportation (transit) as an
This will need some infrastructure for running OpenTripPlanner (the
server-side software I have found suitable for the task).
Currently in the WIP branch it's hard-coded to run against a server
running on localhost, which is ofcourse needs to be change for this to
work, and is also an impediment for getting more testing done.

I'd really like to be able to land this for 3.24!

The hardware requirements are quite high when it comes to RAM (the more
the better essentially, but I guess we could start in a smaller scale
if needed).
I have have put together some information on the project here: https://

So, I'm reaching out for a bit of assistance if someone happens to have
some great ideas about possible sponsoring or doing i.e. a croud
founding effort. I'd be willing to spend some amount my self to get
this up to speed.

Cheers and out!


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