Re: Fwd: Let's move on our bug tracking system and git repository


At this point, I think I should enumerate mi personal frustrations with bugzilla, as a very occasional contributor:

And I think that more can be adding by people with more experience developing in GNOME.

I see that more and more open source development is happening on github and people are more actively contributing. On the other hand, people get scared when they want to collaborate with other open source projects like GNOME and they see this git + bugzilla + patches system that they don't understand at all. If not, why are there github mirrors for many gnome products and people get and participate to them before to go to bugzilla? I've even heard that a gnome maintainer requested that patches must be uploaded as a Pull Request to the github mirror.

It doesn't have to be gitlab, but I'd rather look for something visually better, specially for people to easy get involved and improve GNOME. I've heard good words of phabricator, for example.

Ok, yes, I recognize that it requires some effort to move to something different, specially to move bugs and bind integrations. But we have to assume that some effort will have to be putted into this at some point or we're gonna be stuck on bugzilla until the end of the days?

Because I feel If we want that GNOME would be a more participative and active project, we have to ever change this. And if so, the sooner we do it, the better.



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