Re: Fwd: Let's move on our bug tracking system and git repository


On Mo, 2016-10-24 at 10:44 +0200, Abel wrote:
I guess somebody has already broached the subject before,
I don't remember any discussion, so your guess might be wrong ;-)

I get very frustrated when I have to look for some patch, submit a
bug or browse through the code using the current tools: bugzilla and
Can you elaborate?  Or even better, talk to the products involved, i.e.
Bugzilla and cgit (is it?)?

We're in 2016 guys, why don't we move to a more modern and visual alternative?
I think the main reason is that someone would have to do it which has
not been the case so far.
It's a bit more complicated than that, though, because it also needs to
be maintained, updated, and possibly integrated into the rest of the

 I propose Gitlab as it's open source, we can install it in our servers, [...]
How do you know that can install it?  I think it's more complicated
than downloading their omnibus thing and running it.
For example, it needs to be updated every so often.  Do they not do
releases every month or so?  I currently don't see how this would be
possible to do on our end.

 it's robust and it has many good features as well as integrations.
I like Gitlab and I tend to install it for the projects I work on. But
I would wait for more real world exposure until I'd call it "robust".
See, Trac was the new kid a few years ago. Until it became not
fashionable anymore and people started to like Redmine. Now it's
something else entirely.  While I understand that we ought to be open
for modern tools, I also have the desire for keeping things stable.
Especially given that the whole Web stuff is not our main expertise.

In any case, if you want to make it happen, I guess you need to
persuade the admins of it being a worthwhile investment of their time.
You probably also want to get the buy-in of the main "customers" of the
new programme which is probably best to get on d-d-l.


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