Re: How to set up a SPF policy when emails are redirected through GNOME?

2016-03-21 14:51 GMT+01:00 Jehan Pagès <jehan marmottard gmail com>:

For instance emails coming from which has a strict SPF
policy (-all) cannot reach me to or
Would anyone have any advice on how to properly keep SPF filtering
with emails coming through aliases on third-party servers (GNOME
servers in my case, but a general solution would be good)? For the
time being, I had to deactivate my SPF checks because that's really
not acceptable as it is now.

You are probably misunderstanding how SPF actually works behind the
scenes. The DNS zone file has a TXT record containing a
relaxed SPF rule (v=spf1 mx ?all) which tells any mail server out
there to just go ahead and ignore the SPF check itself. On a related
note SPF records (through the TXT RR) are only consulted by the
recipient mail servers to find out whether the originating sender's
mail server is *allowed* to relay e-mails on behalf of a specific
domain. having a strict SPF policy rule won't affect the
e-mails you receive to your or addresses but will
only help recipient mail servers to discard any e-mail (having as the sending domain) originating from an IP / DNS not
listed on the SPF record published for the domain.



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