How to set up a SPF policy when emails are redirected through GNOME?


I hope the gnome-infrastructure is the right place to ask about this
kind of topic. Sorry if it is not.

I have a mail server with a SPF policy with policyd-spf which rejects
email violating the sender's domain SPF policy.
This works well in general, except that I also have some alias emails,
and in particular a (like many here) and a These
emails are redirected through and therefore my mail
server will consider as the sender IP. Except that this
IP is not in the actual sender SPF policy, and if it has a hard-fail
"-all", then my server rejects the email.

For instance emails coming from which has a strict SPF
policy (-all) cannot reach me to or
Would anyone have any advice on how to properly keep SPF filtering
with emails coming through aliases on third-party servers (GNOME
servers in my case, but a general solution would be good)? For the
time being, I had to deactivate my SPF checks because that's really
not acceptable as it is now.


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