Re: New Member Intro/GI Apprentice

Hi Andrea!

About the git hook to lint Puppet modules, I sent a patch por it some time ago, but it still has not been reviewed:

Is this patch ok?

Thanks in advance

P.S: Welcome Chaoyi to the Apprentices Program!

2015-10-17 18:07 GMT+02:00 Andrea Veri <av gnome org>:
Hey Chaoyi!

Welcome! it's great to see you are willing to help the GNOME Sysadmin
Team out as we definitely need some help to implement some of the
tools that are going to power our infrastructure, on top HiperKitty, a
Code Review tool, a replacement for's cgit and more.

The Puppet repository at [1] also requires a cleanup and a few
Apprentices started linting it already providing handy patches and
proposing coding guidelines that are currently in use. [2]

I also feel we would need an Ansible repository for handling commands
execution on multiple machines, so mainly for its capabilities of
being a replacement for func.

One of the other topics I'm also interested in would be writing a git
hook that would lint the Puppet code and error out whether an
incorrect syntax was used to prevent failures when applying the

Please give a deep look at [3] and start looking at our Puppet
repository! We're looking for your first patch!

Before adding you to the giapprentice group I need the following details:

1. your proposed userid, it should be following the naming guidelines at [4]
2. your SSH public key, please mail it to accounts gnome org

Have a great day!


2015-10-09 22:27 GMT+02:00 Chaoyi Zha <cydrobolt fedoraproject org>:
> Hey there, GNOME Infrastructure!
> I'm Chaoyi, and I'm looking to join the GNOME Sysadmin team. I go by
> "cydrobolt" on IRC. I am familiar with Git, RHEL, and Ansible, although I've
> briefly used Puppet before as well.
> I am familiar with FOSS projects and their workflows, and I am also an avid
> user to GNOME. I run Fedora 22 with GNOME as my daily driver.
> I am a sysadmin and member of the infrastructure team at Fedora (FAS:
> cydrobolt, and frequently contribute to
> many other FOSS projects as well. I frequently write Python, and usually use
> Flask as my go-to web framework.
> I'm eager to get involved with GNOME, as it is my favourite DM by far, and
> it is a project that means a lot to the Fedora community.
> Thanks,
> Chaoyi
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