New Member Intro/GI Apprentice

Hey there, GNOME Infrastructure!

I'm Chaoyi, and I'm looking to join the GNOME Sysadmin team. I go by "cydrobolt" on IRC. I am familiar with Git, RHEL, and Ansible, although I've briefly used Puppet before as well. 

I am familiar with FOSS projects and their workflows, and I am also an avid user to GNOME. I run Fedora 22 with GNOME as my daily driver.

I am a sysadmin and member of the infrastructure team at Fedora (FAS: cydrobolt, and frequently contribute to many other FOSS projects as well. I frequently write Python, and usually use Flask as my go-to web framework. 

I'm eager to get involved with GNOME, as it is my favourite DM by far, and it is a project that means a lot to the Fedora community.


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