[SysAdmin Apprentice] My self introduction

Hi Gnome Infrastructure Team,

I'm Yohan Graterol (22 years old - Venezuelan, but I live at Bogota,
Colombia) and work for Mejorando.la (https://www.mejorando.la) as
Backend Developer (Python - Django) and DevOps with AWS and Docker +
CentOS 6/7. I would like to join to Gnome Infrastructure Team with the
GNOME Infrastructure Apprentice Program. I'm Fedora Contributor

In my last job with TodoCalzados, S.A I managed the servers with CentOS 6.

BTW, I love Gnome, I start using Linux with Gnome 2, try another
desktop environments as Unity ( yes :( ), KDE, XFCE but always end
with GNOME in my desktop and laptop. Currently I use Fedora 21 with
Gnome 3.

My OKRs in the program are:

1 - Learn the actual Gnome Infrastructure
  Key Result 1: Learn Puppet the way Gnome use it.
  Key Result 2: Understand the Gnome infrastructure architecture.
2 - Approve the program
  Key Result 1: Every day, dedicate one hour to monitor the servers.
  Key Result 2: Participate in the talks actively.


PS: I'm learning English.

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