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--- Comment #19 from Andrea Veri <andrea veri gmail com> 2015-01-04 16:09:39 UTC ---
Me and Andre had an interesting discussion about our RT instance and how well
it suits sysadmin's needs but not contributors'. If you have worked with RT
long enough you surely know how great managing tickets with it is and that's
what the Sysadmin Team was actually looking for when we made the switch: an
easy to use and powerful ticketing system to manage all sysadmin-related issues
each of them divided by topic or area of operation on single queues. Tickets
were then accessible by requestors (or CCed people) and sysadmins.

The pros:

 1. easy to use and intuitive web UI, working with it is a charm
 2. tickets divided by topic or area of intervention
 3. hooks with PagerDuty for Emergency queues
 4. tickets transactions being sent to the gnome-infrastructure mailing list
(with sysadmins being able to moderate or not a certain transaction in case it
contained personal information on its body)

The cons:

 1. no easy way to view tickets that belong to other users
 2. visibility of transactions is possible but through the search bar at
 2a. no references of a certain ticket (like in the case of Gerrit) means no
further replies? hard to tell

The proposed solution:

 1. Upgrade BZ
 2. Introduce a sysadmin product again with a reviewed selection of components
 3. Keep RT for queues that are going to receive personal information such as
IPs, surnames, addresses (accounts queue for example)
 4. Keep RT for emergency requests, we still want the Pagerduty hooks in place
 5. BZ will be also handy to manage GNOME Infrastructure Apprentice Group tasks
and keep track of them publicly
 6. Review the website product components

Let's hope the proposed solution will actually bring back some activity on
sysadmin tickets and most of all some participation from our beloved community.

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