GIMPNet moderators/channel ops

Hi all,

Andrea asked me to bring this to the list, but for various reason I hadn't done so yet.
(sorry, Andrea. This was all my fault for dropping it).

We wanted to have an on-ML discussion about channel OPs for GIMPNet, since we've had
some cases of spammers when the network-wide opers aren't around.

At the moment, that would leave a lot of channels open the spammers at those times,
since the number of ops on some channels is quite low.
Andrea suggested that maybe we should look into telling channel owners to promote
more people to moderators/ops or to have another way to get more ops on the various

Do people here have any ideas on how to get the channel ops coverage to increase?

Should we perhaps find some people that we trust thoroughly and give them ops on multiple
channels so people can go to them?

Another idea I can think of is to make it easier to find network OPs that are available.
Maybe have them determine a schedule of when which is available and publish this?

With kind regards,
Patrick Uiterwijk
Fedora Infra

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