[gnome.org #14366] Git module for vala-extra-vapis

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Mon Jun 02 22:13:30 2014: Request 14366 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by evan coeus-group com
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     Subject: Git module for vala-extra-vapis
       Owner: Nobody
  Requestors: evan coeus-group com
      Status: new
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I have a project which doesn't meet the requirements on
<https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Prerequisites>.  Specifically, it
hasn't had a release yet because it's not supposed to have releases.
I'd like to push it to git.gnome.org (I already have a git account), but
in light of the above I thought I should get permission first.

The project is a repository for Vala bindings which we (the Vala
maintainers) don't want to distribute with Vala itself, mostly so we can
avoid making promises about backwards compatibility.  The repository is
currently at <https://github.com/nemequ/vala-extra-vapis>.


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