[gnome.org #14123] Topic Deletion

On Wed Jan 29 17:34:50 2014, skymuss gmail com wrote:
Am 28.01.2014 18:42, schrieb Andrea Veri via RT:
On Tue Jan 28 17:10:18 2014, skymuss gmail com wrote:

can you delete these topics, because
they contain my email adress and

Please read the "My contact details are in your mailing list
archives. Will you remove them?" paragraph at [1] for the answer.

Addiotionally to the above the posts in question don't actually
include any sensitive or personal information. (i.e your street
address or any other personal information)

Also as you may be aware of the content of mail.gnome.org is
reproduced as-is in many other locations like http://markmail.org and
http://gmane.org. Even removing them from the GNOME mailing lists
won't result in them being removed from markmail or gmane.

I'm marking this ticket as 'rejected', if you are not pleased by the
current policy, I'd suggest to mail <board gnome org> and appeal to
the Board of Directors. In the case the Board will ack that the
information disclosure on the mailing lists could break any european
or international law, we'll make sure to block the content from being
accessed on our servers.

[1] https://mail.gnome.org


these topics actually include sensitive or personal information. !!!!
 When I used the mailing list, there was notice/information, that
these topics will be public.

The information has *always* been there since the very first time the GNOME mailing lists were started. If 
you didn't read or pay attention to them before 1. subscribing to a GNOME mailing list 2. posting to a GNOME 
mailing list that is a lack on your side.
Like my name, Lucas Mußmächer
my Email Adress: skymuss web de
my nickname: n00b
my system: Ubuntu 8.04
 my skills:  "now I'm learning c++, I am very good PHP and Javascript
my age:  "18 Years old"
and my location: "I live in North Bavaria (germany)"

All the information you posted above does not compromise your identity (apart from the Name, Surname that 
will appear from the From: field in every mail you will send) and again:

1. the system you were used to run is not a sensitive information
2. the nickname you've been using is not a sensitive information
3. your skills can't be defined as a sensitive information
4. your location is defined in a very general way, you didn't include your street, nor the city you live in 
but just the region.

I'm closing the ticket once again, please mail the Board of Directors (board gnome org) and appeal to them if 
you feel our decision is not pleasant for your case.

GNOME Sysadmin
GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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