[gnome.org #14105] Gnome mirror in the netherlands.

On Tue Jan 21 07:01:34 2014, ftpmirror-beheer nluug nl wrote:

Quoting Andrea Veri via RT <support gnome org>:
Hi Andrea,


All is setup now. and in sync.

Thanks! Both the mirrors (ftp1 and ftp2) have been marked as being ONLINE now. (ftp1 with priority set as 120 
and ftp2 with priority 100)

The operator name should be NLUUG and pointing to http://www.nluug.nl
Our email contact addres is: ftpmirror-beheer nluug nl

Added both mirrors to our database, the MIRRORS file will be re-generated soon and will reflect the new 

Again thanks a lot for supporting the GNOME Project by mirroring its sources. Have an awesome day and please 
get in contact with us for anything you might need.


GNOME Sysadmin
GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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