[gnome.org #14065] Fwd: problem with imported bugs: everconfirmed is 0

On Fri Jan 03 02:47:36 2014, chaz yorba org wrote:

So, I'm reaching out to you guys.  Any idea what we can do here to
sure everyone with regular permissions can update our bugs?  I hate to
suggest hacking around our existing hacks, but do you think it'd work
if we
simply updated the database?  If I've done that search correctly, it
appears that our imported bugs are the only ones with this problem.

I did manually update the relevant column on the database and set everconfirmed to '1' for the following 
product_ids: "geary", "shotwell", "gexiv2".

According to my latest query all the everconfirmed values are set to '1' for the above products, please 
confirm everything is working as expected now.

GNOME Sysadmin
GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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