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Dear Bugzilla.Gnome Administration team,

My name is Marios Stavros Grigoriou and I am a 9th term ECE student at the
National Technical University of Athens conducting my diploma thesis. On
the 11th of December I have had my IP subnet banned from your servers as I
was trying to access content.

I am currently working on my diploma thesis project with my supervising
Professor  K. Kontogiannis (cc;'ed in this email), which entails Natural
Language Processing on bug reports, in an effort to correlate these reports
with bugs.

Currently I am implementing an xmlrpc-client as specified in the
documentation of the bugzilla.mozilla.org in order to have access to your
bugs and download them for local access. The reason for my ban is probably
that I didn't take into consideration a relaxation period between requests
probably triggering your Denial of Service defenses.

I will keep working with my xmlrpc-client for the next two weeks, so I
would like to ask you to lift the ban that has been placed on the IPs of
our laboratory.

Please feel free to contact me or my supervisor if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time
Marios-Stavros Grigoriou

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