[Bug 706886] Setup geoip server for geoclue

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--- Comment #17 from Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org> 2013-09-09 16:27:48 UTC ---
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We still need an RPM package theoretically built against the libraries we'll be
installing through Software Collections on the server.

And by that I assume you mean EPEL package and the ones from Fedora won't do?

In which case, we probably need a bit of guidance:

<zeenix> kalev: have you found any easy docs to follow to create an EPEL
<zeenix> or i just pass '--target epel6' to rpmbuild
<kalev> the process for EPEL packages should be pretty much the same as for
Fedora, it would only be a different branch in the git repo
<kalev> not just that, they'd need to be built against the RHEL libraries
<zeenix> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/FAQ
<kalev> if you just pass --target epel6 or something to rpmbuild in your Fedora
installation, it won't do much good -- just redefines this one macro, but the
package would still be built against the libraries in your Fedora system
<kalev> it would have to be built in an RHEL chroot to make sure it picks up
the RHEL libs
<kalev> to make that easy there's the "mock" tool that sets up the chroot
<kalev> it's the standard thing for preparing a clean environment to build in,
koji uses mock as well
<kalev> but I've no idea how the Software Collections fit in there
<kalev> the hard thing is the dependencies, building for EPEL is otherwise easy
<kalev> if the dependencies were all there, you'd just:
<kalev> 1) request a new branch for the package
<kalev> 2) git checkout the new epel6 branch
<kalev> 3) fedpkg build

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