Re: Mailing List Privacy Awareness

Hi :)

On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 01:56:09PM +0000, Kouters, E.T.M. wrote:
We are computer science researchers from the Eindhoven University of 
Technology. As part of an on-going academic study on how GNOME developers and 
users use the mailing lists for communication, we are mining GNOME archives. 

One of our observations pertains to inclusion of email headers in the archive: 
these headers often contain the IP address from which a message was sent; [...]

We are wondering how sensitive such information would be considered by you or 
the GNOME community. Would this represent a privacy concern?
I guess it would.
Has anyone raised the issue before?
Not that I am aware of.
While list participants are surely aware that "all messages 
sent to<> mailing lists will be archived" and they 
"should not include any information in [their] postings that [they] would not 
wish to become publicly available for the indefinite future" (as described on 
the website), they might not aware that such a history of geo locations can be 
(easily) reconstructed.

True. We could probably strip all headers but the subject (and from) when 
generating the archives. Ideally, the software generating our archives, Mhonarc, 
provides that feature.


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