here's some of the items I'll focus on:

1. CiviCRM setup
2. Mail server migration from menubar to a newer VM. Make the needed configurations in Puppet to include amavis, clamav, spamd. 
3. Migrating our main NFS node from container to a newer machine.
4. Retire old machines, like menubar, container, label and have them replaced. 
5. Configure SSL on all the relevant services. 
6. Move our DNS configuration into Puppet.
7. Move all admin stuff into admin.g.o.
8. Move Bugzilla to a new VM and upgrade it.
9. Check each machine and clean the useless services to prevent leaving unmaintained software around. Apache standardization on every machine.
10. Setup and configure Owncloud
11. Increase monitoring on the hosted machines, especially for SSL certificates and relevant services. Set up a public view for Nagios.
12. Ping all the gnome*.* domain owners and have all the domains transferred to the GNOME Foundation.
13. Puppetize Ubuntu-based machines.
14. Update per-server documentation and make a map of the hosted services.
15. Upgrade all machines to RHEL6.
16. Move all Mysql databases to one single server.
17. Check for a central syslog facility.
18. Set up the KGB bot for Git commits.
19. Upgrade live.g.o to latest MoinMoin.
20. Migrate LDAP to clipboard and create a slave.
21. Clean nagios a bit and put the relevant data on Puppet.
22. Clean puppet modules and rebuild some of the broken modules.
23. Any other business. (Gitorious? Devops environment?)

Let me know if I missed anything else,




Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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