Re: About GnomeDb Wiki

2012/9/20 Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com>:
> Hi!

Hi there,

> I'm the maintainer of the GnomeDb (AKA Libgda) project, and I'm the (only)
> contributor to the project Wiki.
> However I don't have any administrative privileges to administer the wiki
> and It's currently getting a lot of spam, see
> I would like to know if you administer that web site and if so if you could
> help me fight that spam. In case you don't administer it, do you know who
> does it?

That wiki is hosted on the same machine as, so yeah,
the GNOME Sysadmin team has access to it. I think we can add you as
admin there but it would be best having Rodrigo Moya (he's listed as
the GnomeDB main contact) mailing us to confirm your identity.

> Also as a side note I would like to change its appearance to make it more
> eye candy like for example, so If you
> have any tips on how I could achieve that goal, that would be nice :-)

You can send us the relevant files and we can put them in place for you.



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