[Bug 669772] Set up ostree.gnome.org

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--- Comment #4 from Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> 2012-02-18 17:10:09 UTC ---

> Set up VM
> =========
> Create a RHEL 6 VM on clutter:


> ===
> Give the machine a public IP as ostree.gnome.org


> Authentication
> ==============
> Create a 'ostree' group in LDAP, add 'walters' to that group, allow ostree
> group to sudo to the ostree user on ostree.gnome.org.


Working on the package set now. It doesn't seem like puppet handles yum groups
very well. 'yum grouplist "Development Tools"' on RHEL-6 gives:

 Mandatory Packages:
   autoconf automake binutils bison flex gcc gcc-c++
   gettext libtool make patch pkgconfig redhat-rpm-config rpm-build

 Default Packages:
   byacc cscope ctags cvs diffstat doxygen elfutils gcc-gfortran
   git indent intltool patchutils rcs subversion swig systemtap

I'm going to exclude from that set:

 redhat-rpm-config rpm-build cscope ctags diffstat gcc-gfortran
 indent patchutils rcs swig systemtap

Leaving, plus what you listed the above:

 autoconf automake binutils bison byacc cvs docbook-dtds docbook-style-dsssl
 docbook-style-xsl docbook-utils doxygen elfutils flex gcc gcc-c++ gettext git 
 gzip hg intltool libtool make patch pkgconfig sed subversion tar unzip

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