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On Mon Nov 14 08:51:50 2011, allanpday gmail com wrote:
> I'd prefer to host on GNOME infrastructure if I can. I can see a few
> issues there though:
> 1) No GUI way to download the repository as a tarball
> 2) I don't want it to be slow to give new people accounts
> 3) Will the accounts team / sysadmin be happy to give git accounts to
> people who might have no knowledge of git and are solely accessing the
> repository through Sparkleshare?

No, I'm afraid this is not ok. The way GNOME git currently works, if you have a git account, you have full 
commit access to every repository. As a result, we tend to only approve git accounts of proved developers / 
translators and not $RANDOM_PERSON. Can you go over the expected workflow for all of this?

> 1 maybe isn't a deal breaker. 2 depends on quite how long it currently
> takes. 3... well we need to hear from the concerned parties (cc'd).

ccing gnome-infrastructure-list@

Jeff Schroeder

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