Update on drawable

* Motherboard was replaced by IBM Friday evening, but because
  of MAC addresses in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, networking
  didn't come back up. Wasn't urgent because we had things migrated
  to comobobox at that point.

* That was fixed this morning. (the MAC addresses
  were just removed, leaving the default assignment of eth0/eth1)

* Machine is thought to be OK - it's been up sitting idle for
  2-3 days now without errors.

* It would be good if someone can do validation the drives, my suggested
  approach would be:

  # mysqldump --single-transaction --default-character-set=utf8
--hex-blob bugs | gzip -c > /var/lib/mysql-backup/bugs-foo-dump.gz
  # mysqladmin create bugs-foo
  # gunzip -c /var/lib/mysql-backup/bugs-foo-dump.gz | mysql bugs-foo
  that will run for about 10 hours, if that passes without triggering 
  any SCSI errors, I think we can be confident that the drives are OK.

* We should wait until a convenient time to migrate stuff back, and 
  migrate by shutting down the database on combobox and rsync'ing the
  contents back to drawable.

* We should decide if we want to reinstall drawable with RHEL6 before
  we move things back - it might be good to take advantage of having
  absolutely nothing running there. 

  (And if we are replicating the database to one of the new servers,
  would be good to have matched mysql versions. OTOH, if we wanted to
  replicate to combobox, then it would likely be better to stick with
  RHEL5 on drawable.)

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