Re: Proposing myself as a GNOME Sysadmin

> I've been thinking about this for several months now and today
> while having a talk with Olav I just realized I should have applied 
> before.
> Since some time now I've been contributing on several sysadmin's
> tasks in Fedora and working with people like Seth Vidal and Stepheen
> Smoogen and all the other RH employees helped me a lot gaining
> more confidence and knowledge on day-to-day sysadmin duties.
> work over all these years.

Hi Gnome Infrastructure folks,
 I'd like to put in some good words for Andrea.

He showed up to help out with Fedora Infrastructure. He had a specific
plan in mind for our planet instance. He got a hold of the right folks,
made his argument, stood up against the normal screams of pain  and
suffering that is common among open source communities and got it done.

After it was done he started on some less-glamorous tasks we needed him
to do and has now moved onto helping get one of our documentation/news
sights off of the ground.

He's done what he has said he will do, He's done it on time and he's
been nice about it while doing it. The last item is a significant virtue
in a sysadmin and it is one I struggle to be able to do myself.

These are important traits in a sysadmin and I think he's got what it
takes to do great things for the gnome infrastructure.

Seth Vidal

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