Proposing myself as a GNOME Sysadmin


I've been thinking about this for several months now and today
while having a talk with Olav I just realized I should have applied 

Since some time now I've been contributing on several sysadmin's
tasks in Fedora and working with people like Seth Vidal and Stepheen
Smoogen and all the other RH employees helped me a lot gaining
more confidence and knowledge on day-to-day sysadmin duties.

There are several things I would like to see improved in the GNOME
infrastructure, some of them made me being frustrated during my
accounts-team work during these 2-3 years:

1. sysadmin's ACLs should help us to give access to certain boxes
and services to more people involved in a specific field and that now
are currently restricted to sysadmins only. (currently six according to [1]) 
(in Fedora we just use several ACLs linked to specific machines and boxes,
i.e the sysadmin-test group gives you sudo on the publictests machines only
and not everywhere) This should be really improved in how we manage those
ACLs here in Mango.

2. Mango needs a lot of love, especially the part related to the foundation-membership
database which should definitely be imported into our LDAP as soon as possible. (I know
Jeff can't do this alone and unfortunately I can't help him with this since my python is not
really good) (together with the ACLs I was talking about at #1)

3. linked to the first point, the AccountsTeam (well, me currently) should definitely have
some more powers to handle the tickets we receive. Several times I received tickets I just
couldn't act upon and had to lose time and energy to ping other sysadmin's in our irc channel to get
an answer.

During my talk with Olav, I explained him what's not working on our infrastructure and what needs
to be done, he then suggested me to send a mail to gnome-sysadmin applying for the position. Some
of the things I would like to focus on:

1. moving / migrating remaining websites.
2. moving the missing bits into puppet. (i.e menubar)
3. doing other routine duties like finalizing the tickets I receive on RT3 and act upon them right away.
Having to bother other people for something I can do on my own is just silly.
4. helping christer managing nagios

In the end, I would like to say a big thank you to Olav, who gave me his ack about this and trusted my
work over all these years.

I would love joining the team and I am sure I can learn from others and teach new things to others 
like every real team does.

CCing Olav.




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