Re: Getting a Wordpress test site

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 16:39, Christer Edwards
<christer edwards gmail com> wrote:
> I think the last I recall was auditing the code and not finding
> anything outstanding. Did you just need a test site / blog to install
> it on? If that is the case it should be simple enough to just setup a
> new blog under the umbrella and install this as a
> plugin on your site.

Hey Christer!

We have already, that can be used for this
test. I don't recommend using once it uses WordPress
multi-website mode (and wppo hasn't been tested under this).

Before putting WPPO to work, however, I'd like to clean up some
infrastructure of the way website files are stored in git.

Right now we are storing the website files on gnomeweb-wp. However, it
also includes all the WordPress files and this is not ideal.

My  idea is to have two different repositories. One for WPPO and
another one for the website template and translation files. Something
like "gnome-web" and "wppo". (WordPress files wouldn't be in any
repository, as we don't change any of their files).

We need to update WordPress instances (use the latest 3.2.1 version)
on and, and integrate the server to
auto update the theme, translation and wppo plugin automatically with
git hooks based on those locations.

Can you first create a gnome-web repository with two folders
("languages" and "theme") that auto syncs with the server files? After
this we can put wppo to work on wptest.

Thank you!

Vinicius Depizzol <vdepizzol gmail com>

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