[Bug 622432] Mails to buildmaster fixed gnome org get lost

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Olav Vitters <bugzilla-gnome> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from Olav Vitters <bugzilla-gnome vitters nl> 2010-09-02 07:31:12 UTC ---
<cedwards>      well part of it is that buildmaster user is setup with Maildir
mail/{new,cur,tmp}, but /etc/aliases was pointing to a file at
<cedwards>      appending a trailing slash gets past that
<cedwards>      now its an issue of uid/gid 99 (nobody) writing to those
<cedwards>      Sep  1 21:36:05 fixed postfix/local[22130]: warning: maildir
access problem for UID/GID=99/99: create maildir file
/usr/local/buildmaster/mail/tmp/1283376965.P22130.fixed.gnome.org: Permission
<cedwards>      my brain is a bit mush right now (getting a cold), but I think
it's closer than it was if anyone else wants to stab at it.

Good find! buildmaster should NOT be in /etc/aliases (will prevent it from
using procmail). Removed it, now it should work again. Re-enabled delivery in
commit-list configuration.

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