Re: UNCONFIRMED state in Bugzilla (was Fwd: [Bug 542087] Graphical glitches after "change scroll region"

Hey folks,

On 31.07.2010 02:19, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Hi Olav & infra,
> Given that we don't make the UNCONFIRMED vs NEW distinction in GNOME (AFAIK),
> can we just remove UNCONFIRMED?
Eh. You (not you in person) are supposed to mark bugs that are
identified of being an issue worth fixing as NEW. As opposed to bugs
that are not an issue or not yet reproducible. That way, potential
contributors see what's worth being worked on.


    This bug has recently been added to the database. Nobody has
validated that this bug is true. Users who have obtained permissions
from the bugsquad may confirm this bug, changing its state to NEW. Or,
it may be directly resolved and marked RESOLVED, or more information may
be necessary, moving it to NEEDINFO.
    This bug has recently been added to the assignee's list of bugs and
must be processed. Bugs in this state may be accepted, and become
ASSIGNED, passed on to someone else, and remain NEW, or resolved and
marked RESOLVED.


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