Kicking off the new year

Happy New Year Sysadmin Team!

We got a lot of stuff done last year, from expanding the size of the team to a major Bugzilla upgrade and helping the Marketing & Web teams with Plone, Pikwi and CivicCRM and more.

To kick off the new year, I'd like to schedule a meeting and talk about what goals and projects we want to tackle next.

Before we do that though, I want to ask a tough question for everyone on the team, which is:  Do you have the time to be a Sysadmin team member?

If yes, awesome!  We've got lots of stuff to work on this year.  If no, thanks for being honest!  Having lots of stuff to work on, we want to make sure we've got volunteers who can set aside the time so projects don't get stalled or abandoned.

For myself, I'm a bit over extended working on too many projects within GNOME.  What I told John and Owen a few months ago when I was asked to help coordinate the team, and still stands, is I'm more than happy to help with project management and coordinating meetings, meeting minutes and status updates, but I can't take on any big projects right now.  I have some strengths in project management and follow-up skills and I wish I had had more time over the last couple months to do more of that type of stuff with the Sysadmin team, but I do now, and this email is the start.

So I'd ask that you think about the question if you have the time to help out and let me know.  Please feel free to contact me off-list or ping me in IRC if you wish to discuss privately.  I'll send out an email in the next couple of days with a Doodle link to try and pick a meeting time later this month.



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