Re: Using different translation workflow

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 08:31:58AM +0100, Claude Paroz wrote:
> So the question is, should we make it an explicit requirement to use
> as the main translation platform for a module to be
> hosted in GNOME Git?

I was asked this at FOSDEM. I think it was related to solang, not sure.
Anyway, that discussion was that Transifex would only be used for the
languages not on I did mention that without review, the
quality is likely terrible.

As you said elsewhere, official GNOME modules are under the control of
the GNOME Translation Project.

If a non-offical module doesn't want to use Damned Lies, why not just
remove them from Damned Lies? Then they do not have the benefit of good
quality translations.

Note that during the question was more on how could be
integrated with Damned Lies to avoid causing any problems when projects
are listed on both. I was not interested in that discussion as I am not
involved (not a Damned Lies developer / translator / etc).


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