Application (resent)

Hello there!

I am interested in joining the gnome-sysadmin team. I have been reading
gnome-infrastructure for a while now. 

Lets start with the contact information:
        * Benedikt Kristinsson
        * benedikt gurkubondi net (Reply-To)

I should mention that I am from Iceland. 

I have experience with Linux (mainly Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian). I run
around 10 web-servers (apache and MySQL), 3 DNS servers (bind), 3 email
relay's ("mail offices", postfix), One Linux mail server (postfix +
dovecot) and 3 phone/SIP servers. I also run a few Microsoft Exchange
servers and Active Directory. 

I work as a Linux sysadmin in a small company, we are 2 people working
together. We then service other companies and mostly schools. I run all
the Linux servers and user support. It is a small company so we just do
what is needed at each time. I am the "Linux guy" while the other guy is
the "Microsoft guy". 

We have been working on a large project the last few weeks. We are
taking over the Network and Internet Access on a campus, and switching
them from a big messy NAT to a system where everybody has their own
gateway (like you would expect when you buy Internet service from your

One could say I work in a pretty broad field and I just do what is
needed each time. Linux is my passion (well, one of them). I am not
afraid of admitting when I don't know how to do something. When that
happens I find out how to do it and start doing it. 

I am also studying Computer Science (B.Sc.). I am interested in
Theoretical Computer Science, Maths and the general theories of
computing. I also love programming. 

Unfortunately I don't know anybody on the gnome-sysadmin team to give as
reference. But I decided to send in an application anyways. You can
contact and ask my co-worker, Agnar Guðmundsson (agnar utrad is). 

Oh, and I have been using GNOME steadily since 2003 when I first touched
Linux. I had a love affair with fluxbox for a year or so. I still like
it :-)

The page HelpingSysadmin mentions itches to scratch and I do have one.
You seriously need your own secondary DNS server. And MX server. You
have enough of servers on different locations to do this. 

Benedikt Kristinsson

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